Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Women's County Championship 2013 - as you were into 2014....

So after battling it out all season who has gone up and who has gone down? Well as far as I can see no-one!

It's as you were for 2014, unless the ECB changes the league structure next year, which I would like them to do, but more on that later this week. For now here's what happened in the play-off games :-

Division One Champions - Sussex (1st) beat Yorkshire (2nd) by 95 runs in the play-off

Division One Relegation - Surrey (8th) beat Essex (7th) by 5 wickets in the relegation play-off to remain in Div One. Essex had to play Div Two promotion play-off winners (Somerset) - [see *]

Division Two Promotion - Somerset (2nd) beat Lancashire (1st) by 13 runs which means Lancashire remain in Division Two. Somerset had to play Div One play-off losers (Essex) - [see *]

* Division One/Two Promotion/Relegation - Essex v Somerset - abandoned no play - Essex remain in Div One and Somerset remain in Div Two.

Division Two Relegation - Devon (7th) beat Durham (8th) by 108 runs in the relegation play-off to remain in Div Two. Durham had to play Div Three promotion play-off winners (Netherlands) [see **]

Division Three Promotion - Netherlands (1st) beat Northants (2nd) by 70 runs which means Northants remain in Div Three. Netherlands had to play Div Two play-off losers (Durham) - [see **]

** Division Two/Three Promotion/Relegation - Durham beat Netherlands by 2 wickets which means Durham remain in Div Two and Netherlands remain in Div Three.

Division Three Relegation - Hampshire (7th) beat Oxfordshire (8th) by 5 wickets to remain in Div Three. Oxfordshire had to play Div Four (N&E v S&W) play-off winners (Suffolk) - [see ***]

Division Four Promotion - Suffolk (N&E Div 4 winners) beat Cornwall (S & W Div 4 winners) by 2 runs which means Cornwall remain in Div Four (S&W). Suffolk had to play Div Three play-off losers (Oxfordshire) - [see ***]

***Division Three/Four Promotion/Relegation - Oxfordshire beat Suffolk by 129 runs which means Oxfordshire remain in Div Three and Suffolk remain in Div Four (N&E) 


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