Tuesday, 10 December 2013

WCC14 - Full Div 1 & Div 2 Fixtures

The full fixture list for Divisions 1 and 2 of the Women's County Championship 2014 (WCC14) are below:-

Sunday 4th May
Division 1
Surrey v Warwickshire
Notts v Berkshire
Sussex v Essex
Kent v Yorkshire
Division 2
Somerset v Worcestershire
Durham v Wales
Lancashire v Ireland
Cheshire v Staffordshire

Monday 5th May
Division 1

Sussex v Warwickshire
Middlesex v Kent
Surrey v Yorkshire
Notts v Essex
Division 2
Somerset v Lancashire
Devon v Staffordshire
Worcestershire v Cheshire
Durham v Ireland

Sunday 25th May
Division 1

Essex v Surrey
Yorkshire v Middlesex
Kent v Warwickshire
Berkshire v Sussex
Division 2
Wales v Devon
Worcestershire v Lancashire
Staffordshire v Durham
Cheshire v Ireland

Monday 26th May
Division 1
Kent v Essex
Notts v Sussex
Berkshire v Surrey
Warwickshire v Middlesex
Division 2
Staffordshire v Ireland
Durham v Lancashire
Wales v Worcestershire
Devon v Somerset

Sunday 15th June
Division 1
Yorkshire v Sussex
Essex v Berkshire
Warwickshire v Notts
Middlesex v Surrey
Division 2
Lancashire v Cheshire
Wales v Ireland
Durham v Somerset
Devon v Worcestershire

Sunday 22nd June
Division 1

Notts v Middlesex
Essex v Warwickshire
Yorkshire v Berkshire
Sussex v Kent
Division 2
Cheshire v Durham
Worcestershire v Staffordshire
Lancashire v Devon
Wales v Somerset

Sunday 29th June
Division 1

Berkshire v Middlesex
Surrey v Sussex
Kent v Notts
Essex v Yorkshire
Division 2
Worcestershire v Ireland
Cheshire v Devon
Somerset v Staffordshire
Lancashire v Wales

Sunday 20th July
Division 1
Kent v Berkshire
Warwickshire v Yorkshire
Essex v Middlesex
Surrey v Notts
Division 2
Staffordshire v Wales
Cheshire v Somerset
Devon v Ireland
Durham v Worcestershire

Sunday 27th July 
Division 1
Yorkshire v Notts
Surrey v Kent
Middlesex v Sussex
Berkshire v Warwickshire
Division 2
Devon v Durham
Somerset v Ireland
Wales v Cheshire
Staffordshire v Lancashire



  1. Anyone like to explain why the teams in Division 1 do not ALL play 4 home matches and 4 away matches ?

  2. Warwickshire may have agreed to play Surrey away as it will be at the Oval? Has happened before.

  3. Good point. Last year Yorkshire played a match away from home that should have been at home. The Oval verses Wellesbourne is a bit of a no-brainer I guess and Warks have to get down to Sussex on the Monday so they might as well start off a day earlier and play Surrey en route.