Thursday, 24 July 2014

Divisional T20s - who got through (calculators out)!

Well the big winner seems to be the beloved Net Run Rate calculator. I say "seems to be" because lots of the results for the games are missing from Play Cricket and even where all the results are in the league tables show no NRR calculations. Please publish the full tables ECB. Here is what I can gather so far...........

In Div 1 A (Berks, Middlesex, Sussex)
Berkshire lost all their games so finished bottom, and Middlesex and Sussex beat each other to finish joint top. By my back of an envelope calculation Middlesex won by 0.1 NRRs (what do you call a unit of NRR?), but no-one else at the ground seemed to have done the calculation. Will we ever know?

In Div 1 B (Essex, Kent, Surrey)
Essex lost all their games and finished bottom. Surrey and Kent beat each other, but the scores (and Kent's twitter feed) suggests they won the group on NRR.

In Div 1 C (Notts, Warwickshire, Yorkshire)
Your guess is as good as mine as there are no results on Play Cricket. Twitter suggests it was between Notts & Yorkshire, but Notts saw Yorkshire off in the last game of the day to win 4/4. Warwickshire will be in the relegation division.

Looks like :-
Top Three - Kent, Middlesex, Notts
Second Three - Surrey, Sussex, Yorkshire
Bottom Three - Berks, Essex, Warwickshire (bottom two relegated)

In Div 2 A (Staffs, Cheshire, Worcestershire)
Staffs won 3/4 (losing to Cheshire) and their twitter feed suggests they won the group. Incomplete results for Cheshire & Worcestershire

In Div 2 B (Ireland, Lancashire, Durham)
Durham finished bottom and it was between Ireland & Lancs on NRR as they both beat each other. The Lancs twitter feed suggest it was Ireland who got through.

In Div 2 C (Devon, Somerset, Wales)
Devon finished bottom, Wales second and Somerset top.

Looks like :-
Top Three - Ireland, Somerset, Staffs (top two promoted)
Second Three - Cheshire, Lancashire, Wales
Bottom Three - Devon, Durham, Worcestershire (bottom two relegated)

In Div 3 A (Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire)
Hampshire won the group winning all their games. One result missing, but looks like Gloucestershire got 2nd spot.

In Div 3 B (Herts, Netherlands, Northants)
Only two games recorded with wins for Northants overs Herts. No other info available as yet.

In Div 3 C (Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Scotland)
Derbyshire & Scotland finished equal at the top, so NRR will decide again. No indication on Scotland's twitter feed if they know if they won or not

Looks like :-
Top Three -  Hampshire, Derbyshire, Netherlands(top two promoted)
Second Three - Gloucestershire, Northants, Scotland

Bottom Three - Oxfordshire, Herts, Leicestershire (bottom two relegated)

Please let me know if you can fill in the gaps or I have made an error -



  1. Play Cricket Website
    (a) awful navigation
    (b) tables don't use the rules of the competition to rank teams
    (c) results not posted until, sometimes, days afterwards (especially Notts)

    There is no way of finding out that a match has been cancelled beforehand - no wonder hardly anyone turns up to most CC matches. Anyone like to explain how anyone was supposed to find out the Worcs v Yorks match due on the 20th, cancelled on the 19th, was cancelled - oh yes, remember to look at Yorkshire Women's Twitter account !

    Come on ECB - this is the 21st century, get a grip.