Tuesday, 14 July 2015

MCC want to be a Super League Host

The MCC World Cricket Committee have just issued a statement which covers many issues, but the most important to women's cricket in England is that the MCC are working with Middlesex to become one of the WCSL hosts.

The statement reads as follows:-

"MCC to express an interest in becoming an ECB Women’s Super League Host
The World Cricket committee received an update on the recently announced ECB Women’s Super League, and discussed the growth of the women’s game in general.
The committee also heard about plans for the Women’s Big Bash in Australia, and was pleased to learn that MCC has expressed an interest in becoming an ECB Women’s Super League co-host along with Middlesex CCC.
Whilst specific details of the ECB competition are emerging, MCC will work in conjunction with Middlesex with the aim of hosting a team in the women’s competition, and sees it as an exciting opportunity for MCC to support the women’s game as it develops and grows."


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