Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Nat West Women's County T20 Round 2 - Round Up

Division One

Kent were the big winners in the second weekend of Nat West Women's T20 fixtures with victories over their local rivals Sussex and Middlesex, which leaves them as the only unbeaten team in Div 1. Sussex remain in second with three wins out of four, where they are joined by Yorkshire who won both their games this weekend, beating Notts and Berkshire.
Surrey were the most unfortunate team of the weekend as both their games - against Ireland and Somerset - were cancelled and under the rules they get only 1 point for each game, effectively ruining their T20 campaign this season.
Berkshire, Middlesex and Somerset all have two victories under their belts, but last year's champions Notts have just the one to date, losing both their games this weekend.

Round 3 - Sunday 2nd August
Fixtures - Kent, Yorkshire & Somerset, Middlesex, Berkshire & Surrey, Ireland, Sussex & Notts

Kent beat Sussex by 4 runs
Kent 113/7
Sussex 109/3

Kent beat Middx by 21 runs
Kent 135/5
Middx 114/9

Sussex beat Middx by 4 wickets
Middx 118/8
Sussex 119/6

Somerset beat Ireland by 8 runs
Somerset 96/7
Ireland 88/6

Ireland v Surrey - cancelled
Surrey v Somerset - cancelled
Yorkshire beat Notts by 4 runs
Yorkshire 112/8
Notts 108/7

Yorkshire beat Berkshire by 20 runs
Yorkshire 142/5
Berkshire 122/2

Berkshire beat Notts by 31 runs
Berkshire 122/7
Notts 91 all out

Division Two
Lancashire lead the way in Division Two as the only unbeaten team following wins over Warwickshire and Wales this weekend. The Netherlands have slipped into second place in the league as they also won both their games in Week 2, defeating Durham and Derbyshire. At the bottom only Derbyshire are without a win, with Wales and Durham just above them with one win each (although Durham have an extra point from a cancelled game). Mid-table sit Cheshire (who lost both their games this weekend), Essex, Staffs (who won both their games) and Warwickshire (who lost both theirs) with two wins each.

Round 3 - Sunday 2nd August
Fixtures - Staffs, Wales & Derbyshire; Lancashire, Netherlands & Cheshire; Durham, Essex & Warwickshire

Staffs beat Essex by 9 wickets
Essex 84/8
Staffs 86/1

Staffs beat Cheshire by 7 wickets
Cheshire 124/1
Staffs 125/3

Essex beat Cheshire by 24 runs
Essex 65/5 (13 overs)
Cheshire 41/9 (13 overs)

Netherlands beat Durham by 9 wickets
Durham 63 all out
Netherlands 64/1

Netherlands beat Derbyshire by 22 runs
Netherland 113/9
Derbyshire 91/8

Derbyshire v Durham - cancelled
Lancashire beat Warwickshire by 15 runs
Lancashire 112/5
Warwickshire 97/8

Lancashire beat Wales by 8 wickets
Wales 50/9
Lancashire 51/2

Wales beat Warwickshire by 7 wickets
Warwickshire 99/9
Wales 103/3

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