Monday, 10 August 2015

Five Predictions for the Ashes Test

Here are my five predictions for the Ashes Test which starts tomorrow at the Spitfire Ground, St Lawrence, Canterbury. If you can get along it would be great to see you there showing your support for England and for Women's Cricket.

[Please note that I am usually wrong in any predictions that I make, so please take the following few lines with a large pinch of salt!]

Prediction 1
Australia will bat first - CORRECT (Aus won toss & bat but Lottie would have bowled anyway)

Prediction 2
Fran Wilson will make her Test debut for England - INCORRECT

Prediction 3
Charlotte Edwards will not open the batting for England  - CORRECT!!

Prediction 4
Kristen Beams will take five wickets in an innings - INCORRECT

Prediction 5
Australia will win the Test - CORRECT

If I do well I will keep count and let everyone know. If I do badly I will probably delete this post under the European Union Blogger's Prerogative Rule (2012 - revised 2014).

Fingers crossed for a great Test!


1 comment:

  1. Can't wait for it to start! Shall be following updates.

    1. Now the forecast has improved for Tues/Weds, and looks worse for Thurs/Fri, batting first seems more likely for whoever wins the toss. You never know though. I would say that this probably has greater than 50% chance of being right since we are more likely to stick them in than they are us.

    2. It would seem sensible. Having put her in the squad, and this format looking ideal for her style it would be a waste not to play her.

    3. Seems about right. She batted at no 4 in Tests previously. This has now been confirmed.

    4. Yeah maybe. She looks like a good bowler to me. Depends if anything in pitch and how well we play her.

    5. Yes, probably, although hopefully England can make it close-ish at least. There is a chance for a draw, seeing as the weather forecast is worsening later in the week.