Sunday, 26 June 2016

T20 Round Up

The rain managed to intervene in many of the scheduled games in the first full weekend of T20 fixtures, but in the games that survived there have been some remarkable results. Bear in mind that teams only get 1 point each for a cancelled/abandoned game, whereas a win is worth 4 points. With teams only playing seven games in Div 1 & 2 this year, having two games cancelled is a massive loss of potential points. The flip side is that if you can get your game on, when others cannot, AND you can win, you are at a huge advantage. Berks in Div 1 and Worcestershire in Div 2 were the big winners this weekend.

Division One

The three games between Middlesex, Sussex and Yorkshire were all called off without a ball being bowled.

But in Wokingham, Berkshire picked up two huge wins, as Div 1 favourites Kent lost both their opening T20 games, against their hosts and newly-promoted Lancashire. The scores were

Kent 95/8 (Alice Davidson-Richards 26, Alice Macleod 2/9, Linsey Smith 2/10, Fi Morris 2/10)
Berks 96/4 (Rachel Priest 38, Alex Rogers 20, Megan Belt 2/20)
Berkshire needed one to tie and two to win from the last ball. They were attempting to complete the first run when the ball was shied at the stumps, missed and they then completed the second run on the overthrow.

Lancs 90/9 (Natalie Brown 23, Jennie Jackson 2/15, Tash Farrant 2/17, Megan Belt 2/21)
Kent 84/5 (Suzie Bates 25, Natalie Brown 2/10, Nalisha Patel 2/20)

Berks 91/6 (Linsey Smith 29*, Sophie Ecclestone 2/11)
Lancs 55 all out (Emma Lamb 26, Hardy 3/3, Morris 3/21)

Division Two
At Usk CC only one of the three games could be completed

Wales 151/4 (Lauren Parfitt 74, Gabby Basketer 43, Bethany Walker 2/29)
Durham 98/8 (Claire Thomas 2/8, Sara Jenkins 2/18)

The Durham v Surrey and the Wales v Surrey games were both abandoned.

At New Road they managed to complete two games...just, with Worcestershire the big winners.

Worcestershire 145/3 (Thea Brookes 76, Miranda Veringmeier 37, Elsa-Marie Evans 2/22)
Staffs 96/6 (Evelyn Jones 48)
and in their second game, the game was called off after 5 overs of the second innings were completed (the minimum required for the game to stand)
Worcestershire 99/6 (Thea Brookes 47, Beth Dodd 2/11, Kelly Castle 2/13)
Essex 20/3 (after 5 overs) (Clare Boycott 2/14)

The game between Essex v Staffs was cancelled.

And finally in Div 2 Hampshire were demolished by Somerset in a standalone game
Hampshire 87/9
Somerset 88/0


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