Monday, 16 January 2017

WBBL02 - The fight for a Top Four slot

There are just eight fixtures left in the regular season of WBBL02, and seven of the eight teams are still in with a chance of qualifying for the semi-finals.

The last weekend sees each of the teams involved in two games against the same opposition.

In Sydney the Sixers have two games against the Renegades
In Perth the Scorchers have two fixtures against the Thunder
At the Gabba the Heat take on the Strikers in two games
And in Hobart the Hurricanes entertain the Stars in their final two games of WBBL02

Here is how the table looks at the moment :-

As things stand the Sydney Sixers have definitely made the last four, and the Adelaide Strikers cannot make the last four, which leaves six teams scrapping for the other three places in the semi-finals.

In prime position to take the second slot in the semis are the Perth Scorchers. Even if they win neither of their last two games against the Thunder then they will finish, at worst, equal fourth in the league. With a current good NRR that should be enough, provided they are not flayed by the Thunder in those last two games. Obviously just one win, or even a washout, will see them safely through without any NRR drama.

So, realistically, the fight is actually for the third and fourth slots in the semis. If the Hobart Hurricanes can win just one of their games against the Stars, then they will have the third slot. If the Melbourne Stars can win both of their games with the Canes then the third slot will be theirs. If the Stars can only win one game then they could still get through, but it will depend on other results, and probably NRR.

Over on the east coast the Brisbane Heat need at least one win to be in with a shout of the fourth semi slot. If they can win both games against the despondent Strikers, then it would definitely be theirs. One win and it depends on other results and possibly NRR.

As for the Sydney Thunder and the Melbourne Renegades all they can do is win their last two games and hope that those above them trip up, but it looks like WBBL02 will have a new champion on 28th January.



  1. Bringing the focus down to Friday rather than the whole weekend, definite outcomes from next round of games (on Friday):-
    (a) SS win & PS lose - SS will be 1st
    (b) PS win - they qualify, PS lose - they are still in control of their qualification
    (c) HH win - they qualify, HH lose - they are still in control of their qualification
    (d) MS win or lose, their destiny is still in the balance although a win gives them control of their qualification
    (e) BH win or lose, their destiny is still in the balance although a win gives them control of their qualification and puts MR out of the running
    (f) ST lose & either BH or MS win - ST can't qualify
    (g) MR win & BH win - MR can't qualify
    (h) MR lose - they can't qualify

    In terms of the outcomes, the deductions of pts from ST and MR has seriously affected the range of potential outcomes - with MR on 10pts and ST on 11pts it would have been so much more interesting.

  2. Thanks. All I've got left to say is it's going to be an awesome couple of weekends coming up!