Saturday, 5 August 2017

KSL players likely to miss County Champs deciders

Just a quick heads up before we get into the manic madness of KSL2017, which starts on Thursday (10th August).

The two days after the KSL2017 group games finish on Saturday 26th August - so Sunday 27th August and Monday 28th August - the final round of games in the Women's County Championship are scheduled to be played.

It is tight at the top and at the bottom of Division One, so the outcome of these final fixtures - the last two out of just seven to be played - will be crucial to many of the teams. The problem will be that many of the county teams could be decimated by the withdrawal of players who have made it to Finals Day of KSL 2017, which is being held on Friday 1st September. Remember three teams will be involved in KSL Finals Day.

Sussex for example have 11 players playing in the KSL (six with Vipers, three with Lightning, one with Thunder and one with Storm). If the Vipers, Lightning and Thunder reach Finals' Day then they are going to be without 10 of their main squad, as they try and avoid relegation.

At the other end of the league Lancashire have eight players in their own Thunder squad. They at least will have control over their own players, whereas Sussex will have none. They also have Alex Hartley in the Stars squad and Beth Langston in the Lightning team.

Yorkshire are in a similar position with nine of their squad in the Diamonds' colours this year, plus Danni Hazell, moonlighting for Thunder.

Warwickshire (6), Kent (5), Middlesex (3), Berkshire (3), and Notts (3) will all be affected to a lesser extent, but could still be without crucial players for their key games.

With four Sundays still free in September it seems a shame that the end of the County Championship should be ruined by an unfortunate piece of scheduling.


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