Monday, 31 March 2014

South Africa progress to semis and knock NZ out of WWT20

I leave my desk for one afternoon and look what happens? South Africa have turned the Women's WT20 on its head with a stunning victory over the White Ferns in the last of the Group A games and by doing so they have not only qualified for the semi-finals but they have prevented New Zealand making any further progress.

It will be Australia and South Africa, by dint of a better Net Run Rate than New Zealand, that progress in the competition. They will play either West Indies or England in the respective semi-finals - which one will not be decided until tomorrow afternoon when West Indies play India in the last of the Group B games. If the Windies win then they will play South Africa. If they lose then England will be South Africa's semi-final opponents.

Up until now it could have been argued that New Zealand looked like the best team in this competition. They were unbeaten, having beaten Australia by 7 runs; Ireland by 42 runs; and Pakistan by 59 runs, so for South Africa to come out and beat them is a magnificent effort. They restricted the White Ferns to just 114/8 in their 20 overs after they had got off to a decent start through Devine (40) and Bates (16). Wickets in the 13th, 15th, 16th and 17th overs took the stuffing out of the Kiwi's batting and they fell 20/30 runs short of a decent total. But the runs still needed to be scored and skipper Mignon du Preez (51) stepped up. Two late wickets (Kapp 23 and du Preez) almost derailed the victory but the experienced Shandre Fritz struck her first ball for 4 when 9 were needed off 8 balls and Chloe Tryon then finished the game with another 4 in the last over.

scorecard at


Friday, 28 March 2014

WWT20 Catch Up after 12 games

You could be forgiven if you have no idea what is happening at the Women's World T20 out in Bangladesh at the moment, given that there is absolutely no radio or television coverage, and the 180 seconds of game highlights are hidden away and actually not worth finding once you get there.

So here is a quick recap of the state of play after 12 games have been played in the last 6 days.

Group A - Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Pakistan and South Africa
New Zealand beat Australia in the first game of the tournament by 7 runs, and have gone on to demolish Ireland and Pakistan. They have South Africa to play on Monday, but are all but through to the semis.
Australia picked themselves up after their loss to NZ and brushed aside South Africa and then crushed Ireland (Meg Lanning scoring 126 in the process). They have Pakistan to play tomorrow (Sat) and a win will ensure their place in the semis if South Africa lose to Ireland.
South Africa have been doing pretty well. They beat Pakistan comfortably (Dane van Niekerk getting 90*) in their first match and then gave a decent account of themselves against the Aussies. They need to beat Ireland tomorrow (Sat) to keep their hopes of qualifying alive (preferably by a large margin), and then have the small task of beating New Zealand on Monday to end up on 6 points with New Zealand and, probably Australia. Net Run Rate would then determine the 2 finalists if this happened with Australia and NZ quite some way ahead at the moment.
Pakistan and Ireland have been a bit battered, but they have their "final" against each other on Monday.
It looks like New Zealand will win the Group and Australia will be the runners-up.

Group B - Bangladesh, England, India, Sri Lanka, and the West Indies
West Indies beat England by 9 runs in the first game thanks to 4 wickets from Deandra Dottin and have not really looked back since. They cruised past Bangladesh bowling them out for 79, and then pulverised Sri Lanka. They have India to play on Monday and look like winning 4 from 4 and topping the group.
England took the WI defeat on the chin and came back to beat India comfortably and then smash Bangladesh. They play Sri Lanka on Sunday and a victory will mean that they are in the semis with West Indies.
Sri Lanka looked OK when they beat India, but got bowled out by the West Indies for 84 today. If they lose to England on Sunday then they will have no chance of qualifying for the semis. Beat England and then go on to beat Bangladesh in their last game and they will be through.
India and Bangladesh are fighting it out for 4/5th in the group. Bangladesh can bowl but can't bat; India have already lost to Sri Lanka and England. Defeat to Bangladesh on Sunday might at least get the BCCI to acknowledge they exist.
It looks like West Indies (who have India to play) will finish top and England will finish second.

If so the semi-finals will be New Zealand v England and Australia v West Indies - pretty much the teams that you might have expected, but perhaps not in quite the order you would have expected.

Onwards and upwards.............


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Top Fantasy Points Scorers update

Here, as promised, is a list of the the top point scoring players after 8 games in the tournament - still very early days, and below this list is the "perfect team". How many of these players do you have? Will they still be there at the end of this week, or at the end of the competition?

Anya ShrubsoleEnglandBOWL200
Shaquana QuintyneWest IndiesBOWL180
Dane van NiekerkSouth AfricaAR142
Jenny GunnEnglandAR127
Alex BlackwellAustraliaBAT125
Sarah CoyteAustraliaBOWL120
Suzie BatesNew ZealandAR118
Mithali RajIndiaBAT118
Lizelle LeeSouth AfricaBAT117
Tremayne SmarttWest IndiesBOWL105
Frances MackayNew ZealandBOWL105
Shakera SelmanWest IndiesBOWL100

We reckon the "perfect team" (abiding by all the rules of the competition) would be :-

Anya ShrubsoleEnglandBOWL200
Shaquana QuintyneWest IndiesBOWL180
Dane van NiekerkSouth AfricaAR142
Jenny GunnEnglandAR127
Alex BlackwellAustraliaBAT125
Sarah CoyteAustraliaBOWL120
Mithali RajIndiaBAT118
Lizelle LeeSouth AfricaBAT117
Frances MackayNew ZealandBOWL105
Sara McGlashanNew ZealandBAT74
Trisha ChettySouth AfricaWK55

Monday, 24 March 2014

Fantasy League Top Picks

MONDAY 24th March
So the first round of games have been played. Just Ireland and Bangladesh are yet to play. We thought you might like to see the players who are currently top scorers in our fantasy league. It is not who you might have thought? It is very early days of course and lots of things can change. Will these players still be there in two weeks time? We shall have to wait and see

Game2SAvPaDane van NiekerkSouth AfricaAR90321071130
Game2SAvPaLizelle LeeSouth AfricaBAT6700000117
Game4IndvSUdeshika PrabodhaniSri LankaBOWL54922.25090
Game1NZvAuSarah CoyteAustraliaBOWL93822.66090
Game3EngvWStafanie TaylorWest IndiesAR560000081
Game4IndvSInoka RanaweeraSri LankaBOWL241824.5175
Game1NZvAuAlex BlackwellAustraliaBAT310000271
Game3EngvWAnya ShrubsoleEnglandBOWL1042526.25270
Game1NZvAuNicola BrowneNew ZealandAR2921115.5159
Game2SAvPaMarizanne KappSouth AfricaAR041634055
Game3EngvWCharlotte EdwardsEnglandBAT440000054
Game4IndvSEshani LokusuriyageSri LankaAR3421206154
Game3EngvWKycia KnightWest IndiesBAT430000053
Game4IndvSChimari AtapattuSri LankaBAT430000053
Game4IndvSShikha PandeyIndiaAR221515152
Game3EngvWNatalie SciverEnglandAR731836052
Game1NZvAuAlyssa HealyAustraliaWK410000051
Game3EngvWShaquana QuintyneWest IndiesBOWL43702.33050
Game1NZvAuMorna NeilsenNew ZealandBOWL041413.5050
Game1NZvAuKatey MartinNew ZealandBAT150000245

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Fantasy League Tables

If you are looking for the Fantasy League Tables then check out the links above. These will always take you to the latest tables which will be updated at 6pm (18.00 GMT) after every day's play.

The teams who played today were Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Pakistan and the big scorers were :-
Dane van Niekerk - 130 points for her 90* for South Africa
Lizelle Lee - 117 points for her 67* for South Africa
Sarah Coyte - 90 points for her 2/8 in 3 overs - why didn't she get a fourth?

Behind these were :-
Alex Blackwell 71 points
Nicola Browne 59 points
Marizanne Kapp 59 points
Alyssa Healy 51 points

Favourite selections did not fair too well today :-
Sara McGlashan 30 points
Ellyse Perry 24 points
Suzie Bates 15 points

BTW we ought to advise you that we have changed the rules slightly. ALL catches by fielders and wicketkeepers will now be worth 15 points. This is because some designated keepers may play without actually having the gloves and some batsmen may also end up keeping, It just avoids any problems if this occurs and does not affect the overall game.

Tomorrow's games are:-
England v West Indies
India v Sri Lanka

Hope your team does well!!


Saturday, 22 March 2014

Women's World T20 to get under way

Tomorrow sees the start of the Women's WT tournament with the first games in Group A - Australia v New Zealand and South Africa v Pakistan (Ireland can watch on). On Monday Group B kicks off with England v West Indies and India v Sri Lanka (hosts Bangladesh play their first game on Wednesday).

I have said before that I think this could be the closest WWT20 competition yet. I stand by that and given the wicket at Sylhet (the Dutch men scored 193 in 13.5 overs) it will be the batsmen that dominate. There looked to be very little in the wicket for seamers or spinners alike. Pace off the ball is likely to be the order of the day, meaning that batsmen will have to put the pace on the ball for themselves. The stylish Meg Lanning, Sarah Taylor and Poonam Raut could enjoy themselves if they can get in, and Deandra Dottin, Jess Cameron, and Suzie Bates could be very dangerous. There are generally not many 50s in women's T20 cricket, but that could change at this tournament.

The start of the tournament also means the start of our first-ever Fantasy Cricket game. We have had a great response with more than 150 teams entered to date [still just time to gate a team in]. It will be fun to keep an eye on how your own team gets on and the players who are the top point scorers in the tournament. It should be fun and we hope it creates a bit more interest in the tournament and the players. Follow the links at the top of this blog for league updates and Fantasy Highlights.

What is very disappointing is the lack of television and radio coverage of the tournament. There is nothing until the semi-finals, not even online streaming. Let's hope that this is the last women's world tournament with such poor coverage (although I do fear for the next WWT20 in India in 2016). Sharing the stage with the men merely means that the women's game is relegated to a bit of a sideshow. It deserves more than that.

To try and keep people in the loop I will be twittering updates on a dedicated WWT20 twitter feed - @2014WWT20 - throughout all the group games. I'm not in Bangladesh but I'll use all the twitter feeds I can find, plus cricinfo to provide some kind of running commentary on games. Follow this twitter account if you want very regular updates. I have set up this account to prevent too many tweets on my usual @wmnscricketblog twitter feed, where there will just be match results and highlights. Both feeds will carry links to blog reports and Fantasy League updates.

I really can't wait for it all to get going. Who will win? You have to say that the Aussies are probably favourites, but I would not be surprised if they did not even make the final. At least half the sides in this tournament have a realistic chance of winning it. That is great for women's cricket.


Monday, 17 March 2014

Are all-rounders the key to a Fantasy win?

We have had a fantastic response to our Fantasy Women's WT20 competition, with nearly 100 teams entered already, and the variety of players chosen has been huge. In all, so far, 104 of the 150 players in the tournament have been selected for at least one of the fantasy teams.

We have had a bit of stick for limiting people to just two players from any one country, but that was a deliberate move to make people think a bit harder about who might perform well for some of the smaller teams. It also means that you will watch for the results of the smaller teams with a bit more interest.

There has also been some discussion about who is or is not an all-rounder. For example we have India's Gouher Sultana as an all-rounder, but Jhulan Goswami as a bowler only. It is arguable that it should be the other way round, but we looked at recent selection, batting orders and performance to place them where they are now. It also means that team owners are free to choose Goswami as one of their bowlers, which many of them have done.

All-rounders, by the very fact that their batting and their bowling count towards points, may well be the key to success in this competition. We have tried to limit this slightly by restricting the points they earn for wickets taken to just 10 (half the bowler's score) and adjusting the bonus points scheme, and by reducing the batting bonus points they can earn. But if either of your all-rounders has a stellar day - say 50 runs and 4 wickets - they are going to score you a lot of points. It remains to be seen if any of the all-rounders can produce such a performance. So who can you choose from?

Erin Osborne (Aus), Ellyse Perry (Aus), Jahanara Alam (Ban), Salma Khatun (Ban), Jenny Gunn (Eng), Natalie Sciver (Eng), Gouher Sultana (Ind), Shikha Pandey (Ind), Isobel Joyce (Ire), Eimar Richardson (Ire), Elena Tice (Ire), Suzie Bates (NZ, Nicola Browne (NZ), Sophie Devine (NZ), Qanita Jalil (Pak), Sana Mir (Pak), Marizanne Kapp (SA), Dane van Niekerk (SA), Shashikala Siriwardene (SL), Eshani Lokusuriyage (SL), Shanel Daley (WI), Stafanie Taylor (WI).

These are all influential players and you can make a case for all of them to be in your team, but you are only allowed to include two of them. Who you choose could be crucial. Top picks so far are Suzie Bates, Ellyse Perry and Stafanie Taylor, but plenty of others have Nat Sciver, Shashikala Siriwardene and Marizanne Kapp in their 11. That's not to mention the up-and-coming Shikha Pandey and the reliable Nicola Browne (equal top wicket taker in the 2010 tournament!). It's tough isn't it!

To enter your team into the WCB Fantasy Women's T20 competition simply click here -, read the rules and submit your team. You MUST get your team in before midnight on Saturday 22nd March.


Thursday, 13 March 2014

Experts kick-off Fantasy Women's WT20 competition

Today we officially launch our Fantasy Women's WT20 competition, so we thought it would be a bit of fun to ask some women's cricket "experts" to select their teams just to give you some ideas on players you might like to put into, or leave out of, your own team. We will be monitoring our experts' performance in their own league throughout the competition and will keep you up-to-date with how they are doing.

To enter your team into the WCB Fantasy Women's T20 competition simply click here -, read the rules and submit your team. You MUST get your team in before midnight on Saturday 22nd March (5 days from today).

There is no fee, no transfers, no updating. Once you have clicked submit you can just sit back and watch the points rack up. It's all just for fun, although we do have 3 pairs of tickets for the England v India Test Match to give away to the top three team owners (courtesy of will publish updates on this blog after every day's play.

Here are the choices of some of our experts (make of them what you will!). Who will be in your World XI?

Brindle XI @brindlecricket - The Brindle Family Selection - Arran, James & H
Batsmen - Charlotte Edwards (Eng), Meg Lanning (Aus), Deandra Dottin (WI), Marmanpreet Kaur (Ind)
All-Rounders - Ellyse Perry (Aus), Suzie Bates (NZ)
Wicketkeeper - Sarah Taylor (Eng)
Bowlers - Sadia Yousuf (Pak), Sunette Loubser (SA), Anisa Mohammed (WI), Jhulan Goswami (Ind)

Stu Eddicott @stueddicott - Kent Women's Cricket Coach
Batsmen - Charlotte Edwards (Eng), Meg Lanning (Aus), Deandra Dottin (WI), Sara McGlashan (NZ)
All-Rounders - Suzie Bates (NZ), Ellyse Perry (Aus)
Wicketkeeper - Sarah Taylor (Eng)
Bowlers - Jhulan Goswami (Ind), Shaquana Quintyne (WI), Archana Das (Ind), Sunette Loubser (SA)

Melinda Farrell @melindafarrell - Aussie-based freelance sports journalist and Wormsley scotch egg fan
Batsmen - Meg Lanning (Aus), Charlotte Edwards (Eng), Mithali Raj (Ind), Deandra Dottin (WI)
All-Rounders - Ellyse Perry (Aus), Suzie Bates (NZ)
Wicketkeeper - Sarah Taylor (Eng)
Bowlers - Morna Neilsen (NZ), Anisa Mohammed (WI), Udeshika Prabodhani (SL), Sadia Yousuf (Pak)

George Dobell @GeorgeDobell1 - Senior Correspondent at ESPNcricinfo
Batsmen - Deandra Dottin (WI), Charlotte Edwards (Eng), Meg Lanning (Aus), Mithali Raj (Ind)
All-Rounders - Suzie Bates (NZ), Ellyse Perry (Aus)
Wicketkeeper - Sarah Taylor (Eng)
Bowlers - Anisa Mohammed (WI), Fahima Khutan (Bang), Jhulan Goswami (Ind), Sadia Yousuf (Pak)

Matt Hyam @Matt_Hyam - Essex Women's Coach
Batsmen - Meg Lanning (Aus), Charlotte Edwards (Eng), Mithali Raj (Ind), Bismah Maroof (Pak)
All-Rounders - Suzie Bates (NZ), Erin Osborne (Aus)
Wicketkeeper - Sarah Taylor (Eng)
Bowlers - Morna Neilsen (NZ), Anisa Mohammed (WI), Poonam Yadav (Ind), Sunette Loubser (SA)

Ed Kemp @EdKempAOC - Reviews Editor and Writer for All Out Cricket magazine
Batsmen - Meg Lanning  (Aus), Charlotte Edwards (Eng), Harmanpreet Kaur (Ind), Mignon du Preez (SA)
All-Rounders - Ellyse Perry (Aus), Stafanie Taylor (WI)
Wicketkeeper - Trisha Chetty (SA)
Bowlers - Anisa Mohammed (WI), Jhulan Goswami (Ind), Anya Shrubsole (Eng), Sadia Yousuf (Pak)

Andrew Miller  @miller_cricket - Editor of The Cricketer magazine
Batsmen - Deandra Dottin (WI), Meg Lanning (Aus), Jess Cameron (Aus), Mithali Raj (Ind)
All-Rounders - Stafanie Taylor (WI), Nicola Browne (NZ)
Wicketkeeper - Sarah Taylor (England)
Bowlers - Frances McKay (NZ), Asmavia Iqbal (Pak), Dani Hazell (Eng), Jhulan Goswami (Ind)

Anthony Morgan @anthfieg1 - NZ-based freelance sports journalistBatsmen - Meg Lanning (Aus), Mitahli Raj (Ind), Sara McGlashan (NZ), Mignon du Preez (SA)
All-Rounders - Suzie Bates (NZ), Marizanne Kapp (SA)
Wicketkeeper - Sarah Taylor (Eng)
Bowlers - Anya Shrubsole (Eng), Jhulan Goswami (Ind), Rene Farrell (Aus), Anisa Mohammed (WI)

Raf Nicholson
@RafNicholson - Cricket historian turned cricket writer

Batsmen - Mignon du Preez (SA), Mithali Raj (Ind), Javeira Khan (Pak), Deandra Dottin (WI)
All-Rounders - Jenny Gunn (Eng), Stafanie Taylor (WI)
Wicketkeeper - Alyssa Healy (Aus)
Bowlers - Holly Ferling (Aus), Jodie Dibble (Eng), Morna Neilsen (NZ), Jhulan Goswami (Ind)

Snehal Pradan @SnehalPradan - former Indian cricketer turned writer
Batsmen - Poonam Raut (Ind), Charlotte Edwards (Eng), Sara McGlashan (NZ), Yasoda Mendis (Ind)
All-Rounders - Suzie Bates (NZ), Ellyse Perry (Aus)
Wicketkeeper - Sarah Taylor (Eng)
Bowlers - Jhulan Goswami (Ind), Rene Farrell (Aus), Shaquana Quintyne (WI), Anisa Mohammed (WI)

Michelle du Preez
@happysnappy79 - South African cricketer and fan
Batsmen - Charlotte Edwards (Eng), Elyse Villani (Aus), Deandra Dottin (WI), Mithali Raj (Ind)
All-Rounders - Marizanne Kapp (SA), Ellyse Perry (Aus)
Wicketkeeper - Sarah Taylor (Eng)
Bowlers - Moseline Daniels (SA), Sravanti Naidu (Ind), Sripari Weerakkody (SL), Sadia Yousuf (Pak)

Syd Egan - @fairgroundtown - self-confessed women's cricket tragic and blogger, and the IT bloke that put the WCB Fantasy WWT20 website together [take a bow]
Batsman - Mithali Raj (Ind), Sara McGlashan (NZ), Deandra Dottin (WI), Mignon du Preez (SA)
All-Rounders - Ellyse Perry (Aus), Stafanie Taylor (WI)
Wicketkeeper - Sarah Taylor (Eng)
Bowlers - Danni Hazell (Eng), Morna Neilsen (NZ), Moseline Daniels (SA), Jhulan Goswami (Ind)

Martin Davies @wmnscricketblog - which just leaves me - THE women's cricket blogger 
Batsmen - Meg Lanning (Aus), Sara McGlashan (NZ), Lizelle Lee (SA), Poonam Raut (Ind)
All-Rounders - Suzie Bates (NZ), Shashikala Siriwardene (SL)
Wicketkeeper - Sarah Taylor (Eng)
Bowlers - Dani Hazell (Eng), Jess Jonassen (Aus), Poonam Yadav (Ind) Shaquana Quintyne (WI)

To enter your team into the WCB Fantasy Women's T20 competition simply click here -, read the rules and submit your team. You MUST get your team in before midnight on Saturday 22nd March (5 days from today).

More coming soon (hopefully)..........

Mel Jones @meljones_33 - Aussie women's cricket legend turned commentator


Monday, 10 March 2014

Women's Fantasy WT20 Competition

Finally all the squads for the WWT20 have been announced. The full list is set out below. This means we are nearly ready to launch our Fantasy WWT20 competition website. Syd Egan has put the site together for us and it is simplicity itself - you just choose your team of 11 players online and stick with them throughout the tournament - no transfers, no updating, just watch your points rack up and see where you get to in the league table. We will publish an updated league table after every day's play.

Courtesy of the very nice people at Wormsley ( we have three pairs of tickets for a day at the England v India Test Match (13th -16th August) to give away to our final top three. If you have yet to enjoy the Wormsley Experience I really cannot recommend it highly enough. Great setting, great cricket, great weather (fingers crossed) - just as cricket should be!

We've also enticed a few "experts" from all around the world to pick their fantasy teams for the tournament just for fun (including Syd and I of course), and we shall be monitoring how they all get on (especially if Syd and I are winning!).

Anyway here are the rules - get thinking. Keep watching as the site should go live later this week :-

Women’s Cricket Blog Fantasy Women’s WT20 2014 Competition
The Rules
1. A team consists of 11 players – 4 batsmen, 2 all-rounders, 1 wicketkeeper and 4 bowlers.
2. No more than two players may be selected from any one team
3. Points will be awarded for all games played throughout the Women’s World T20 tournament 2014, including all group games, play-offs, ranking matches, semi-finals and the final (27 games).
4. Points will be awarded in the following ways:-

Batsmen (NB batsmen score no points for their bowling)
1 point per run scored
Bonus points
10 points for 30+ runs
30 points for 50+ runs
50 points for 60+ runs

Bowlers (NB bolwers score no points for their batting)
20 points per wicket
Bonus Points
20 points for 3 wickets
30 points for 4 wickets
50 points for 5+ wickets
20 points for runs conceded per over under 5
30 points for runs conceded per over under 4
50 points for runs conceded per over under 3

All-Rounder (NB all-rounders score points for batting and bowling)
All-Rounder - Batting

1 point for each run
Bonus Points
5 points for 20+ runs
15 points for 40+ runs
25 points for 50+ runs

All-Rounder - Bowling
10 points per wicket
Bonus Points
5 points for 2 wickets
15 points for 3 wickets
25 points for 4+ wickets
20 points for runs conceded per over under 5
30 points for runs conceded per over under 4
50 points for runs conceded per over under 3

Wicketkeeper (NB keepers score points for keeping and batting)
20 points per catch/stumping
1 point for each run
Bonus Points
10 points for 30+ runs
30 points for 50+ runs
50 points for 60+ runs

Fielding (All players except the keeper)
10 points per catch
10 points per run out
0 points will be awarded if your player does not play or a game they are selected to play in is cancelled.


Women’s squads
Australia: Meg Lanning (captain), Alex Blackwell, Nicole Bolton, Jess Cameron, Sarah Coyte, Rene Farrell, Holly Ferling, Alyssa Healy, Julie Hunter, Jess Jonassen, Delissa Kimmince, Beth Mooney, Erin Osborne, Ellyse Perry, Elyse Villani
Bangladesh: Salma Khatun (captain), Ayasha Rahman, Fahima Khatun, Fargana Hoque, Jahanara Alam, Khadija Tul Kubra, Lata Mondal, Nuzhat Tasnia, Panna Ghosh, Rumana Ahmed, Sanjida Islam, Shaila Sharmin, Shamima Sultana, Sharmin Akhter, Shohaly Akther
England: Charlotte Edwards (captain), Tammy Beaumont, Kate Cross, Jodie Dibble, Georgia Elwiss, Lydia Greenway, Rebecca Grundy, Jenny Gunn, Danielle Hazell, Amy Jones, Heather Knight, Natalie Sciver, Anya Shrubsole, Sarah Taylor, Fran Wilson
India: Mithali Raj (captain), Soniya Dabir, Archana Das, Jhulan Goswami, Karu Jain, Harmanpreet Kaur, Latika Kumari, Smriti Mandhana, Madhuri Mehta, Sravanthi Naidu, Shikha Pandey, Poonam Raut, Shubhlakshmi Sharma, Gouher Sultana, Poonam Yadav
Ireland: Isobel Joyce (captain), Laura Delany, Emma Flanagan, Jennifer Gray, Cecilia Joyce, Amy Kenealy, Louise McCarthy, Kate McKenna, Lucy O’Reilly, Eimear Richardson, Rebecca Rolfe, Melissa Scott-Hayward, Clare Shillington, Elena Tice, Mary Waldron
New Zealand: Suzie Bates (captain), Nicola Browne, Sam Curtis, Sophie Devine, Maddie Green, Georgia Guy, Holly Huddleston, Hayley Jensen, Felicity Leydon-Davis, Sara McGlashan, Frances Mackay, Katey Martin, Morna Nielsen, Katie Perkins, Rachel Priest
Pakistan: Sana Mir (captain), Anam Amin, Asmavia Iqbal, Batool Fatima, Bismah Maroof, Javeria Khan, Marina Iqbal, Nahida Khan, Nain Abidi, Nida Dar, Qanita Jalil, Sadia Yousuf, Sania Khan, Sidra Ameen, Sumaiya Siddiqi
South Africa: Mignon du Preez (captain), Trisha Chetty, Moseline Daniels, Shandre Fritz, Shabnim Ismail, Marizanne Kapp, Lizelle Lee, Marcia Letsoalo, Sunette Loubser, Sune Luus, Nadine Moodley, Andrie Steyn, Chloe Tryon, Yolandi van der Westhuizen, Dane van Niekerk
Sri Lanka: Shashikala Siriwardene (captain), Chamari Atapattu, Nilakshi de Silva, Chandima Gunaratne, Eshani Lokusuriyage, Chamari Polgampola, Yasoda Mendis, Hasini Perera, Udeshika Prabodhani, Oshadi Ranasinghe, Inoka Ranaweera, Deepika Rasangika, Maduri Samuddika, Rebeca Vandort, Sripali Weerakkody
West Indies: Merissa Aguilleira (captain), Shemaine Campbelle, Shanel Daley, Deandra Dottin, Chinelle Henry, Stacy-Ann King, Kycia Knight, Kyshona Knight, Natasha McLean, Anisa Mohammed, Subrina Munroe, Shaquana Quintyne, Shakera Selman, Tremayne Smartt, Stafanie Taylor

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

New twitter account to follow and Women's Fantasy Cricket

With the Women's World Cup just a couple of weeks away we have come up with a couple of innovations especially for the tournament.

The first is a dedicated twitter feed just for the tournament. This will be found at @2014WWT20. If you want to keep up-to-date with all that is happening throughout the tournament then just follow this new twitter account.I'll tweet the link to all my twitter followers and I hope people will retweet it to anyone who may be interested.

The second is the first ever women's fantasy cricket competition. With the help of @FairgroundTown we have put together a nice simple competition where you need to pick your 11 players for the tournament - 4 batsmen, 4 bowlers, 2 all-rounders and a keeper. Syd is working on the site at the moment and we hope to go live very soon. So start thinking who you would pick in your 11. Full details as soon as we have ironed it all out.