Sunday, 23 March 2014

Fantasy League Tables

If you are looking for the Fantasy League Tables then check out the links above. These will always take you to the latest tables which will be updated at 6pm (18.00 GMT) after every day's play.

The teams who played today were Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Pakistan and the big scorers were :-
Dane van Niekerk - 130 points for her 90* for South Africa
Lizelle Lee - 117 points for her 67* for South Africa
Sarah Coyte - 90 points for her 2/8 in 3 overs - why didn't she get a fourth?

Behind these were :-
Alex Blackwell 71 points
Nicola Browne 59 points
Marizanne Kapp 59 points
Alyssa Healy 51 points

Favourite selections did not fair too well today :-
Sara McGlashan 30 points
Ellyse Perry 24 points
Suzie Bates 15 points

BTW we ought to advise you that we have changed the rules slightly. ALL catches by fielders and wicketkeepers will now be worth 15 points. This is because some designated keepers may play without actually having the gloves and some batsmen may also end up keeping, It just avoids any problems if this occurs and does not affect the overall game.

Tomorrow's games are:-
England v West Indies
India v Sri Lanka

Hope your team does well!!


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