Thursday, 2 October 2014

Fancy helping design women's cricket products?

I read a tweet about TITAN CRICKET ( wanting help to create and launch a new line of equipment and clothing specifically for women, so I contacted owner Naveed Khan to see what it was all about and his reply is below. If you are interested in getting involved then please contact him (& tell him it was through WCB).

"TITAN is a new brand of cricket equipment and clothing that launched in January this year. We currently supply a range of Men's products and our original intention was to expand our range to include Colts & Juniors. However, since our launch we have noticed a serious lack of products and clothing for Women cricketers and we were shocked to learn that as little as 3-4 years ago the England Women's team were still wearing "boys" clothing. In light of the current situation many female cricketers find themselves in, namely having to buy boys/youths clothing and forced to buy mostly pink equipment, we are committed to launching a complete range of equipment and clothing that is focused purely for women. It may not be as lucrative as the colt/juniors market, which is probably why the more established brands have neglected it thus far, but we believe that embracing this challenge fits into our company ethos which is to ensure buying cricket equipment does not exclude people from playing/joining the sport.
We have spoken to a couple of cricketers that are local to us and have taken on board their feedback but it would be great to get as much input as possible. We welcome ideas/thoughts from cricketers at all levels and are completely open to suggestions for styling, design, colours, fit, weight etc. We are not looking to trade off anybody's name or snag a high profile player's endorsement, we are merely committed to providing the best quality products possible.
If you know of anybody who may be interested in taking part in this process then please do not hesitate to pass on our details. 
I can be reached by email ( or by telephone on 07530 004 124.
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Good luck to Titan!!


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