Saturday, 27 February 2016

WCSL team names & fixtures

So the six WCSL teams have been named  - Lancashire Thunder, Loughborough Lightning, Southern Vipers, Surrey Stars, Western Storm & Yorkshire Thunder - and here the fifteen fixtures. After the round robin stage the top four teams will compete in semi-finals, with the final to follow the same day. Finals Day is scheduled for Sunday 21st August at Chelmsford.

WCSL 2016 fixtures



  1. Irony : Sussex are supposedly part of the Hants based franchise and yet their supporters are about the most dis-enfranchised (of Div 1 counties).
    Eastbourne is about 70 miles from The Oval and about 90 from Southampton.
    Next is Kent supporters with 60 miles Canterbury to The Oval. Staffs (Stoke to Luff at 50 miles), Berkshire (Reading to Oval = 42 miles) and Warwickshire (Birmingham to Luff = 43 miles) ain't having it that much easier.
    So that's almost half the 1st Div county supporters nowhere near the WCSL. Nice one.

  2. No win situation for ECB I guess they want a new audience but in doing so they face losing contact with county audience.

    My question is how much will I have to pay to watch this brave new world if I rock up to the Oval or Loughbrough? Will There be a consistent or individual pricing strategy. On top of that there will be my Sky subscription that may (or may not) show the league matches until the finals day I guess.